About Simone Monnier Clay

Simone Monnier Clay is a native French speaker who lived in France, China (where she was born,) Syria, Germany and the USA.  Simone Monnier Clay received an M.A in musicology in 1980 and then a Ph.D. in French literature from the University of California, Davis, where she also taught. As a faculty member, she enjoyed combining her background in music and love of literature and was given the opportunity to research the adaptation of literary material to opera libretti, ballet and film.  Eventually, this passion allowed her to teach courses such as “Literature and the Arts” and “Perrault and Beyond-” a course on fairy tales where students discuss the adaptation of fairy tales to opera, ballet and film.

Simone Monnier Clay’s background includes teaching at Sacramento State University as well as a number of local colleges (a freeway educator par excellence.) Between 1990 and 2008, Dr. Monnier Clay was a member of the faculty at the University of California where she taught a variety of courses while directing the language program for ten years.
To fulfill the needs of her students and teaching assistants, Dr. Monnier Clay developed the material that she is making available on this web site.

In addition to the language courses for which she was responsible at UC Davis, Dr. Monnier Clay has researched French culture and history. This led to several specialized courses such as a “Jewish Francophonie” course – which resulted in the exploration of the history of the Holocaust and a course titled “Wine and War.” And although retired, but still feeling the need to enrich courses that she teaches occasionally, Dr. Monnier Clay has recently researched various sites in Northern France, Israel, German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.